News from ICT, electronics and mechatronics

Check what the conference  brought to participants

What speakers have presented to participants

IKTEM 2019 conference brought top-notch technical presentations and Hands-on workshops for the areas of:

  • ICT
  • Electronics
  • Mechatronics

At the conference top foreign and home speakers have talked about topics:

  • Security solutions in ICT
  • NB IoT products and solutions
  • Industrial 3D printing with industrial 3D printer
  • Measurements with modern measurement instruments and methods
  • CAD-CAM tools for fields of electronics and mechatronics
  • Case studies from fields of ICT, electronics and mechatronics
What did we do

Top presenters conducted practical “Hands-on” workshops.

About IKTEM conference

All registered participants joined Dart competition!

In the evening we enjoyed barbecue dinner and  tasted different beers.

About IKTEM conference

Organisers: AX elektronika, Svet elektronike magazine, Svet mehatronike magazine



Venue: Rogla, hotel Planja


tel: +386-1-528 56 88

Opening hours: 8:00 – 16:00

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Top notch speakers

Speakers list at IKTEM 2019.

Damjan Šavko

Product leader, 3 Port d.o.o.

    Patrick Noordhoek

    Regional Sales Manager at NORDIC

      Brian Kim

      Nordic FAE

        Andrej Drozg

        ADD ProS d.o.o.

          Žiga Lausegger

          Employed at Pistam d.o.o.

            Roland Prager

            Analog Devices FAE

              Paul Hartanto-Doeser

              Analog Devices

                Luka Mali

                Vodja laboratorija MakerLab na Fakulteti za elektrotehniko v Ljubljani

                  Matej Veber

                  Učitelj robotike na ŠC Celje, Srednja šola za strojništvo, mehatroniko in medije

                    Danilo Zimšek

                    Asistent na FERI za predmete na področju digitalnega procesiranja signalov

                      Grega Močnik

                      Mladi raziskovalec na FERI

                        Radu Igret

                        FAE SEE

                          David Fister

                          Prodajno tehnični svetovalec za 3D tiskanje

                          Andrej Suhadolc

                          Vodja oddelka strojne in sistemske opreme

                          Tomaž Rehar

                          RSM SEE

                            Janez Bešter

                            Redni profesor na Fakulteti za elektrotehniko v Ljubljani

                              Arno Holl

                              Application Engineer at Rohde & Schwarz

                                Conference agenda

                                  Conference agenda

                                What’s been told about the conference

                                Goal of the conference is to deliver to participants technical news from the fields of ICT, electronics and mechatronics. Speakers on the conference will not be coming sales but will be top-notch technical experts from Slovenia and abroad.
                                JURIJ MIKELNPredsednik organizacijskega odbora
                                EBV @ IKTEM 2018

                                EBV Elektronik always asks itself a single fundamental question: How can we help our customers to develop a solution that is smart, has a data connection with the outside world and enables secure communication? In short: it is about being smart, secure and connected everywhere.

                                To demonstrate the latest technical news and demands for IOT connectivity EBV Elektronik will host three sessions at ITKEM 2018 providing update on the latest microcontrollers, sensors, power mangement options as well as an overview on connectivites like narrowband, LoRa, BLE, NFC and WiFi.

                                Žiga Stefanič, EBV Slovenia

                                EBV ElektronikZlati sponzor
                                I was very pleasantly surprised by the expertise of speakers, all themes presented were one way or another interesting for our company.
                                Tomaž KlopčičKRN d.o.o.

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